Welcome to GranburyRealEstateGroup.com!

We offer MLS listing discounts and Buyer Rebates on Granbury TX real estate! We are different from the other companies! Really! Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate in the Granbury area, I have something to offer you that other companies don’t! We all know that all Realtors have the same access to the same properties throughout the Multiple Listing Service – the MLS. Basically, all Realtors are the same. They are kind of like gum balls; there are different colors on the outside, but they are all the same on the inside. Though many Realtors are wonderful people, everyone knows there isn’t much difference in what they offer, regardless of what company they are with. Different colors, but the same substance. That is NOT the case with us!

How GranburyRealEstateGroup.com is Different!

BUYERS – I will give you a reason to work with me! Several reasons, in fact! If you are a new client of mine who comes to me through this website, and you buy a home using me as your agent, I will give you financial incentives as a “Thank You” for using my services! Have any other Realtors offered that to you? I didn’t think so. See the details on my “Buyer Advantage Program” page under the Buyers area and don’t miss “What Every Buyer Needs to Know!”

SELLERS – Let me get to the bottom line for you: I will help you get your home sold and save you literally thousands of dollars in the process! Guaranteed! You will not pay 6% or anything close to that to get MLS and Realtor.com exposure! That is what you need to sell your house. And you need a local Realtor with experience and knowledge of the local real estate market. Welcome home! See my “ MLS Marketing Plan” page under the Sellers area and be sure to see “What Every Seller Needs to Know!”

As a Realtor, I have 14 years of experience. I have completed over 550 transactions! And I have helped clients save over $1 million dollars in real estate fees compared to the 6% charged by most Realtors. Now, I am ready to help you!

I told you this company is different!