1.  Are you actually a Realtor?
Absolutely!  I am licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission as a broker, which means I can employ agents or work on my own.

2.  What experience do you have?
I have 15 years of real estate experience.  I started in the Keystone/Breckenridge area of Colorado and had my own company.  For several years, I was the #3 agent is sales out of 600 Realtors in the county.  I sold my company in 2005 and have been active in the Granbury market since that time.

3.  Why do you charge less?
There are several reasons for that.  1) I only advertise on the internet.  I do not do expensive advertising that does not work.  If it worked, I would do it to attract buyers.  It just doesn’t work. 2) I do not have to share my commissions with anyone else.  3) It does not cost 6% to sell homes.  Just do the math.  4) This is the way of the future of real estate.  I’m just getting an early start.

4.  What is the MLS?
It is a database called the Multiple Listing Service, in which Realtors agree to cooperate with other Realtors.  They agree that other Realtors can show and sell their listings.

5.  Will other REALTORS show my home?
YES!  Since it is in the MLS, buyers will be able to see it and they will ask their Realtor to show it to them.  If that Realtor refused (which would not happen), then the buyer would call the listing agent and that Realtor could possibly lose a sale.

6.  How much will you help me through the selling process?
I am a full service broker.  I do everything that other Realtors do.  The only difference between myself and other Realtors is that I save you thousands of dollars!  Literally!

7.  Will my home be in the same Multiple Listing Service as if I had paid the full 6%?
Yes it will, and all buyers and all Realtors will have access to it.

8.  Do I have to do Open Houses?
Only if you want to.  It is true that homes are rarely sold through open houses, but it may happen.  You are given that choice if you want to.  If you find the buyer, your total commission is reduced to only 1%.

9.  Can I pay less than a 3% coop commission to the selling Realtor?
Maybe, depending upon the price of your home.  It is my STRONG encouragement to offer that 3% to the selling agent.  There are some agents who may not want to show a home if it does not pay 3%.  On higher end homes, there may be more room to offer a little less than 3%.

10.  Are there any hidden fees that you are not telling me about?
Absolutely not!  You will not be charged any other fees by my company that you have not agreed to, and you only pay the commission when your home closes.

11.  Can I cancel my listing with you?

12.  Will I get any feedback when my home is shown?
Yes, an email will be sent to the showing Realtor requesting feedback.  CSS is a showing service that many Realtors use to both schedule showings and obtain feedback.  You will receive a copy of that response.

13.  Do I still pay the coop commission if I find the buyer?
No, you do not.  You will only pay 1% of the sale price, and I still do all the paperwork and help both parties through the transaction.

14.  Will you come to my house and give me advice on pricing it correctly?
Yes, I will usually give the seller a price range, depending upon how quickly the seller wants to sell.

15.  Will you complete the paperwork if I find the buyer?
Yes, as your Realtor representative, I will fully represent you through the entire process.

16.  Do I have to pay anything upfront?
No, you pay only at closing.

17.  Do you offer incentives to buyers?
Yes, we offer incentives to buyers who are new clients.  Unlike other Realtors, we give you reasons to work with us, and these reasons have actual monetary value!