As a seller, you have two primary objectives; 1) to get your property sold in a reasonable amount of time, and 2) to make as much money in the process as possible.  While we are able to help you with the first objective, our “OPEN HOUSE ADVANTAGE” program primarily deals with the second one.

Before we give you the details, please allow us to be honest with you.  Some Realtors will tell you that they will do an “Open House” at your property, or maybe they will even do two or three.  All Realtors know that the occasional “Open House” almost never finds a buyer who purchases that specific property.  So why do Realtors tell you that they will sit at your “Open House?”  There are two reasons; 1) they want your listing, and 2) they hope to find a buyer that they can sell another property to.

We have developed a better way!  Instead of us sitting at your house for an hour or two, once or twice during the listing period, we give you the opportunity to do your own “Open House” with the potential of saving even more money!  When you are listed with us, we will loan to you our professional “Open House” signs for you to put out whenever you want to, and take up whenever you want to.  That way, you can decide on the spur of the moment to do your own “Open House.”  You can do it at your own convenience, any time you choose to do so.  And you can end it anytime you choose.

If a buyer comes to your “Open House” who wants to buy your home, you are free to negotiate with him.  If you find the buyer, your total commission will be only 1% (for homes over $100,000)!  We will even represent you (not the buyer) through the process, since you were already listed with us.  We previously saved one couple over $20,000 under this program, and another Granbury couple over $18,000!

If you are listed with us on the MLS, you can also list your own home on for FREE!  Include your photos, property information, email address, and phone number.  This is a normal service we provide for sellers who list with us. If the buyer contacts you from this site, you will save ALOT of money!

Sometimes a seller will ask us, “What if I know someone who wants to buy my property?  Will you lower your commission?”  With our program, you don’t even have to ask!  This program applies to any buyer in which you, or a friend of yours, or a friend of a friend of a friend, procures, who was not first exposed to the property through a Realtor.

Please understand that you are not obligated to do your own “Open Houses.” This simply provides you with one more opportunity to help you save as much money as possible!

Now, if you have heard of a better program than that, please let me know what it is, because I don’t think one exists!