Timing is Everything!

Greg & Dawn Willis
Published on March 27, 2013

Timing is Everything!

I represented a terrific couple who closed on a beautiful home here in Granbury last week.  The home was everything they wanted.  We were able to negotiate a good price for the home; one the buyers were happy with.

When it came time for the inspection, of course the home had some minor issues, as all homes do.  Even the brand new home that I have under contract right now has a list of issues that need to be addressed/repaired.  We asked the sellers to repair some of the items and they were completely unwilling to address even a single one of them.  The buyers were frustrated and questioned whether the the sellers actually wanted to sell the home, since they were totally unwilling to address any of the issues brought up by the inspection, as minor as they were.

The buyers went through with the deal and closed on the home last week, after waiting literally for hours on their lender in California to get the paperwork to the title company.  Yesterday, I spoke with the listing agent for the property.  She told me that the reason the sellers were unwilling to repair any of the items was because a few hours after the sellers had signed my buyer’s offer, they received another offer on their home, except that this one was full price and it was $12,800 higher than what my buyers actually bought the home for!

So what’s the lesson of this story?  I tell buyers all the time, when you find what you want, be willing to make your offer.  The home may have been on the market for months.  You never know when someone else will put an offer in.  They would have lost the home they wanted if they had waited even a few hours more.

To illustrate this point even further, I used to live near Keystone, CO where I was also a Realtor.  There, I had a condo listed for two years.  It was a great condo where you could walk to the ski slopes ,and priced right.  After being listed for two years, I received two offers on it at over 99% of the list price, ON THE SAME DAY!

When you find what you want, make your offer.  Timing is everything!