Granbury Waterfront Home Sales – 1st Quarter Review

Greg & Dawn Willis
Published on April 9, 2013

Granbury Waterfront Home Sales – 1st Quarter Review

DSCF5606As a follow up to my post on Friday, I decided to search waterfront homes in the Granbury area and see how their sales have been this year compared to the previous years.  You may have read my last post, which found that the first quarter sales for this year were up by 33% over last year.  I wanted to know if Lake Granbury waterfront homes would have the same statistics.  Well, here are the numbers of sales for waterfront homes listed at over $100,000, during the first quarter for the following years:



2008    24 Homes
2009    19 Homes
2010    18 Homes
2011    26 Homes
2012    23 Homes
2013    18 Homes

Sadly, the increase in the number of sales for waterfront homes did not match the numbers for all Hood County homes, whether waterfront or not.  In fact, instead of rising by 33%, the number fell by 22%.  This can only be an indication of how the current lake levels are affecting Granbury waterfront sellers.  They would have seen the benefits of an increased market, no doubt, if the lake was not currently 5 feet low.

However, it is important to remember that Lake Granbury regularly does better that most, if not all, of the other lakes in north Texas.  You can do some research if you want to verify that fact.  Things will change.  Clouds will form.  Rains will come.  Buyers will follow.  Contracts will be written.  Waterfront homes will sell.  Happy days will come again!

Come April showers!  Come!