(But Realtors Won’t Tell Them!)  (Except This One!)

My 17 years in real estate, and over 600 sales have taught me the following:

1.  It doesn’t cost 6% to sell a home!  Just do the math.  That’s a LOT of money!  We can help you sell your home AND usually help you save thousands of dollars in the process, depending upon the value of your home.

2.  Paying a lower commission (several thousands of $$$) helps keep your home’s price lower.  Therefore, it is a better value, and therefore, the greater the likelihood that it will sell.  We always give the best commission rate in the county!  Don’t believe us – Try us!

3.  The #1 way homes are sold is through exposure through the Multiple Listing Service – the MLS – which all Realtors have equal access to, so don’t pay 6% to list your home when you can save thousands!

4. The #2 way homes are sold is through Realtor.com, the #1 real estate website in the world.  Again, all realtors have equal access to this site.

5.  In this internet world, buyers now tell the Realtor which homes they want to see, not the other way around, as it used to be.  They see the homes on the two sites mentioned, or one of the other real estate websites, and give the Realtor their list of homes to go see.

6.  Realtors will show whatever homes their buyer wants to see.  They will not risk not showing a home just because one company charges a lower listing fee.  They do not want to risk their client calling the listing agent on that home, so they show them all homes they want to see, especially when the selling commission is what is customary for the area.

7.  As a follow up to #6, if a buyer is looking for what your home offers, he will see it, regardless of which Realtor he is working with, because he is searching the internet for homes, probably on a daily basis.  As stated in #5, it is the buyer who determines which homes to see, not the Realtor in the far majority of cases.  And buyers today are quite educated because of the abundance of information available.

8.  The key to selling a home is its value and exposure on the MLS & Realtor.com, not expensive advertising, which leads to high commissions, and NOT the company or agent with whom the property is listed.  The key to a quick home sale is a good value for the buyer, helped by lower listing fees.  Because it is on the MLS, buyers will be drawn to it, regardless of who the listing agent or company is.

9.  You don’t list with a company – you list with an individual.  Just because a company is large doesn’t mean its agents are successful.  Sometimes, smaller is better!  You can list with a company that has 20 agents, but only the one agent you list with is paying any attention at all to your listing.  Remember; it the same MLS!  Don’t be fooled by an agent or a company claiming to be the best.

10. A home priced correctly with MLS and Realtor.com exposure will sell.  Overpriced homes do not sell, because there is too much competition.  I repeat; overpriced homes do not sell!  Ever!  Did I mention that overpriced homes don’t sell?  And by the way, some buyers will not make an offer, even on a home they like, if they think it is overpriced, because they believe the seller would reject it anyway.

11. Slick advertising is way overrated since buyers seldom actually buy the home they called the Realtor about.  Realtors often use these ads to get buyers for other properties.  (Believe me – I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on advertising homes in glossy magazines and newspapers and if it worked, I would still be advertising in them.  But I don’t.  (GUESS WHY  NOT!)

12. Statistics say that buyers visit an average of 12 homes before making their decision, sometimes more, and sometimes many more!  Your home must STANDOUT from the other 11 or more homes.  The primary issue for buyers is always value.

13. Because of an emotional attachment, sellers typically believe their home is  worth more than it actually is.  This often causes them to list above the home’s value, which keeps the home on the market a  l o n g e r  period of time, or causes it to not sell at all.  Comparables do not lie!  Pay attention to the comparable numbers provided by the Realtor.

14. What you paid for the home, or the upgrades you have made, do not determine the value of your home.  Neither does what you “need” out of it.  The buyer does not care what you “need” out of your home.  He is comparing your home against your competition.  Just because you paid “x” amount, or because you added a $40,000 swimming pool or a $10,000 air conditioner does not mean that your property’s value increased by that amount.  You never get the dollar value out of improvements that you add.  Today’s market is what determines the value of your home, not what you paid for it when you bought it, or even the dollar amount of the improvements you have put into it (although these improvements may influence the value).

15. Ninety percent of the time, the listing Realtor does not sell the home, so listing with a “top” Realtor is irrelevant.  The MLS and Realtor.com are what sells homes.  Since all homes go into the same MLS, the issue is not who sells the most homes, but who has the bet program and can get the job done for the lowest cost!

16. Open Houses rarely sell the home.  But we let you do them, just in case you want to try to save even more money!  If you find the buyer for your home, we reduce our commission even further!

17. A home’s peculiarities will keep it from selling every time (small kitchen, small baths, odd features, bad design, bad smells,…) so it must be priced accordingly.  All homes will sell, if priced appropriately.

18. Some Realtors will tell sellers that their home is worth more than it actually is, just so they can get the listing.  Since you, the seller, select the price to list your home at, then after careful consideration of the facts, choose the price that makes the most sense, and hire the Realtor with the best program, not necessarily the one who gave you the highest list price!  Remember that all the same people will see your home on the internet, regardless of which Realtor you choose to list it.

19. Because the internet has changed how buyers are viewing homes, we put all of our homes on the MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and other top real estate sites that pull from those sites, giving you the greatest chance to find that person who wants the exact home that you have!

20. Finally, I would like to tell you that I am the greatest Realtor in Granbury (or even all of Texas!).  But as you can tell, I am an honest Realtor, so if you haven’t got this yet, let me tell you clearly: There are many excellent Realtors in Granbury.  I won’t say that I am the best.  However, I will say that I have – without question – the best real estate program in all of Hood County!  I designed it with buyers and sellers in mind, to get the job done, and save you thousands of dollars!  That’s why it is the best program in the county!